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Our philosophy is that any space can be beautiful, functional and beneficial to your life. We work closely with you to overcome challenges and bring ease and serenity to your space. We integrate centuries-old traditions like energy clearing + Feng Shui, coupled with a modern approach to living + design. Our goal is to bring harmony, abundance and an overall feeling of well-being to you and those around you.

When designing a space, we use our tried and true Blue Method. We evaluate the space to see where stagnant energy lies and where blockages may be occurring. Perhaps it’s a need to release items from your home or space that are no longer serving you. Maybe you have been feeling overwhelmed and stressed, but can’t figure out why. It could be that you need to welcome new energy into a drab and lifeless space. Or maybe you just can’t figure out where to put that sofa! We can help with any and all of these obstacles.

We offer a wide range of services because no two spaces or individuals are alike. Below we outline different options based on our team's involvement.

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This is our most hands-on offering. We take your personal and space transformation from start to finish and manage every detail in between. We get to know you well and we share in creating a magical home or commercial space that ushers new light into your life. 

We offer everything included above Intuitive Creative Consult + E-Design, plus the following:
- In-person walk through & consultation.
- Integration of our Blue Method into all areas. 
- Energetic space evaluation. We do a deep dive into the space to see where we can bring more harmony. 
- In-depth mood boards, detailed photos, samples and custom specifications of furnishings and decorative elements. 
- 3D Renderings. 
- Milestone meetings to keep the project on-track and you informed. 
- Dedicated project manager for all the tiny details that go into a renovation. 
- Tracking and purchasing of all furnishings and decorative elements. 
- Styling and installation of furniture and décor. 
- Final energetic assessment + energy clearing. 

Full service design is priced per project. A detailed proposal will be sent after our initial consultation. If you decide to move forward with our services, our $150 consultation fee will be credited to your project upon booking. 


E-DESIGN Services

This option is for the client that needs a little more help and guidance, but has the ability to execute the energetic shift and design of the space. 

We offer everything included above in the Intuitive Creative Consult, plus the following: 
- Comprehensive mood board including colors, textures and theme of space. 
- Budget evaluation to help guide in furniture and décor suggestions. 
- 2D space planning (an accurate sketch will need to be provided by client). 
- Furniture and décor selections to shop online. 
- The Bluest Light Natural Element Set based on your custom elemental evaluation.
- Includes 1 round of revisions to ensure we nailed it! 

E-Design Packages are priced per room at $444 
Furnishings and decor not included


This option is best suited for clients that need a little help getting started on their space and gaining a new perspective. Our intention here is to shift the energy by making small adjustments to your world. We give you tips of the trade, holistic living adjustments and simple tools to create a space you love. 

- Upon booking, we send a brief questionnaire to get a feel for your goals and challenges within the space. 
- We request photos + videos of the room, along with any inspiration photos you may have gathered. 
- During our consultation, we will answer all your questions related to wellness, design and home healing. 
- We offer tips and tools that you can use to transform and heal your space. 
- Discuss colors, concepts and placement of furniture + décor.
- Suggest key items and places to shop that fit your unique style. 

At this time, we are only offering video consultations due to Covid-19.
Intuitive Creative Consult: 1 hour consultation to address larger spaces and a more involved look into the overall home or space - $150

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