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We offer intuitive design services that focus first on intention and wellness for your space, and then on integration for your life. It is important to clear out past energy before your start anew, and we begin each service with clearing rituals based on your goals for the space. 

Aligning your home, office, or business to serve its highest potential is beneficial to your overall well-being, and can create positive energy in your life + business. We are strongly influenced by our surroundings, how do you feel about yours?

"THe team WAS so In Tune with our vision. It was like magic"


"Working with
The Bluest Light team is a dream come true."

from lara:

We've never experienced a service of this caliber that incorporated wellness and healing practices into design. 

"We love everything about our space."

from jenna:

Working with The Bluest Light team made our journey incredible. We can't thank you enough!

Some of our most powerful visions for creation + design come from nights of full moons spent on sandy beaches, with ideas flowing from the swells of the sea.

There is an energy balance in all that we create, from the lunar infused products to the design of your sacred dwelling.

forged by moon + sea

Some of our best ideas for crafting + design come from this beautiful place where meditation meets the sea.


where the mIND meets the sea

Our potions ARE CREATED under moonbeams

insights on the bluest light


get to know the heart + soul

We take a moment everyday to slow down and revel in all that surrounds us.



we seek beauty + wellness

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