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For those of you who are seeking more knowledge on the craft of manifesting, our signature Moon Mist is a wonderful way to easily incorporate the practice into your life.

During self-care rituals like meditation, I will spray the entire room, and then spritz it around my aura before calling in what I want to manifest. 

You can spray it all around yourself while you are speaking affirmations and the things you want to manifest first thing in the morning, or during a focused ritual. 

If you have a vision board, I always like to spritz it around the board when I am concentrating on bringing in the manifestation. 

If you use Oracle or tarot cards, you can spray the mist over the area before you lay down your cards. 

If you have crystals that you carry with you, give them a light spritz with the mist as you speak/think your vision. 

It can be incorporated into any practice! Let me know if one of these uses speaks to you, or I can suggest others.

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