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When you hold this deeply intuitive crystal in your hand, it appears to begin drawing a smoky essence into its core. On darker days we gravitate toward intensely colored stones, as if they have the properties to draw out one’s mood. 

Emotions, like life, are a cycle. They rise and fall with the breath of the tides. Just as we create rituals + practices to uplift, we must do the same to move the opposing energy through your body. 

We refer to it as essential, but it’s more of a vital practice to release stagnant energy. A few things to consider before settling into your self-care moment. 

If you haven’t done so recently, now is a good time to cleanse your crystal. Smoky quartz can be rinsed under cool water or charged under the light of a full moon. Find your next moon here 🌙.

Find a quiet space + some dedicated time for yourself. Depending on the rhythm of your life, you may want to incorporate this into a daily practice. 

Sit comfortably on the floor in preparation for meditation. Hold your smoky quartz crystal in the center of both palms. We like to raise our hands as if in prayer to begin with, and hold the crystal wrapped inside our hands. Take six deep breaths in, and out.

Begin to bring to mind anything that is causing you stress or discomfort. This can be mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physically. 

Visualize everything that is no longer serving you begin to gather in your palms, and focus on it draining into your crystal. Take as long as you need to fully release any negative or stagnant energy into your stone. 

When you have completed this visualization, we recommend cleansing yourself and your space with sage. This will set you to a neutral space + state of mind. Cleanse your smoky quartz under cool water after every practice for a fresh start.

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